The Most Intriguing Conspiracy Theories About Area 51

Aliens. Unidentified flying objects crashing in the desert. Secret spy planes. Nuclear weapons. All of these secrets are supposedly hiding out in the Nevada desert, all hidden by the U.S. government in a swath of land called Area 51. For years, the government kept Area 51 under wraps, and the American people had no idea it even existed.

Since the 1950s, Americans have thought Area 51 was home to extraterrestrial research. And today, there are plenty of people who think the government is trying to hide something at this super secretive, high-security location. And while it’s well-known that Area 51 is the place for secret testing and undercover technological advances, there’s no evidence anything alien is going on.

But that isn’t stopping conspiracy theorists. There are a ton of wild theories floating around about what could be happening at Area 51. The following are some of the most intriguing conspiracy theories to ever exist.

Area 51 is Home to the Majestic 12, a Secret Committee Working to Create a Human-Alien World Government

One of the absolute wildest conspiracy theories to circulate about Area 51 is the Majestic 12 theory. This conspiracy claims that the Majestic 12 (or MJ-12), a secret committee working to create a single world government run by elite humans and aliens, presides over the world.

The Majestic 12 conspiracy theory was created by an anonymous author on the popular conspiracy site Per this theory, the Majestic 12 have been working hard for more than 60 years to work out the fine details of a one-world government that invites extraterrestrials to earth as leaders. Some believers even think President Harry Truman created the Majestic 12, and President Dwight D. Eisenhower brokered a key meeting between human world leaders and alien leaders.

Supposedly, according to those who believe in this theory, the FBI leaked government documents that prove the existence of the Majestic 12. However, the FBI actually looked at those documents… and announced they were “completely bogus” fakes. 


Scientists Perform Alien Autopsies at Area 51

One of the most prevailing and prominent theories about Area 51 is a conspiracy theory that claims the U.S. government has been performing autopsies on dead aliens. 

Plenty of conspiracy theorists believe that the government has been collecting crashed UFOs and transporting the bodies of aliens onboard those ships back to Area 51. On the government’s compound there, it’s said that scientists perform in-depth autopsies to learn more about extraterrestrials.

This theory first caught people’s attention in the 1990s. A black-and-white short film began circulating, which showed a team of humans in biohazard suits cutting open a tiny alien corpse. However, that film footage was full of problems — including very clumsy “scientists” who didn’t know how to use the surgical tools used in the video. In the 2000s, the creators of the film even admitted they faked the whole thing.

Jim Trottier / Wikimedia Commons