The Latest TikTok Obsession Is Flavored Water, And It’s Just Juice

A new trend has emerged on TikTok, where lifestyle content creators are sharing their unique concoctions of flavor powders, water, and ice, dubbed “flavored water.” The creators offer their followers multiple variations of these hydrating brews, such as Banana Split or Piña Colada. While the trend has been around for a few months, it recently gained a large audience on TikTok, with over 302 million views under the flavored water hashtag. It has become a new way to make drinking water more exciting.

One popular TikToker, @Jayciekathleen3, with over 268,000 followers, has regularly shared videos of her making flavored water. In one video posted on March 29, she added Nerds flavor powder and vanilla syrup to a bright pink Stanley tumbler filled with water and ice, which has now garnered over one million views. These videos have been flooding TikTok’s “For You Page,” forming what is known as “HydrationTok” or “WaterTok.” However, this trend has also led to confusion among some commenters who wonder why people don’t just drink regular water.

@samislaughing, another creator, captured the general confusion surrounding the flavored water boom in a TikTok he uploaded on Tuesday, expressing his concerns about the many syrups and powders being used. However, it isn’t easy to credit the start of this viral moment to one person, as with any trend on social media.

One of the earliest adopters of the trend is a TikToker named Tonya, @takingmylifebackat42, who talks about making sugar-free flavored waters in her TikToks about her weight loss and healthy lifestyle habits. She has been making “mermaid” or “unicorn” water since June 2022, using flavored water after gastric bypass surgery to stay hydrated. Tonya also shared a video where a follower’s comment encouraged her to sell the drink, citing that flavored water could be used as a substitute for other unhealthy beverages.

Despite the trend’s growing popularity, some argue that adding sugar, sugar substitutes, or syrups to water defeats the purpose of calling it water, likening it to a juice dupe. However, flavored water remains a trend with no signs of slowing down, offering an exciting and delicious way for people to stay hydrated.