The Handstand Challenge Is All Over TikTok, But It’s Hard

A fitness trend that seems to be making the rounds on TikTok and TikTok goes hand in hand with challenges. Through the wall handstand challenge, people are encouraged to invert themselves on the wall. Handstand newbies are hesitant to try it, despite some people making it look easy.

TikTok users stand in front of a wall and place their left leg against it, keeping their left knee straight while balancing on their right leg. While keeping their left foot on the wall, they bend their left knee and turn to face away from the wall.

You’ve probably seen a few variations of the trend on your For You Page this week tagged with #wallhandstandchallenge.

TikTok seems to be choosing not to practice in a dance studio or gym but at home with furniture nearby instead of in a dance studio or gym.

Many people completing this challenge are dancers, gymnasts, and fitness professionals, and these inversions certainly look comfortable on them. Ocho, a NASM-certified personal trainer and CEO of Power 8 is cautious about encouraging people to participate. It requires strength, stability, and mobility.

Ocho says, “People should keep in mind to be safe — think first, not just do. Listen to your body. If you know you’ve never done a handstand before, make sure you take precautions.”

In an Instagram post, fitness trainer and Form Fitness owner Morit Summers offered advice on working up to the viral wall handstand challenge. In a video posted on the app, she warms up with wrist stretches, downward dogs, lunges, chest openers, and standing splits. As she gets off the mat, she uses a stool for support instead of the wall, and her hands support her weight.

TikTok wall handstands might not be the most accessible exercise trend, but trainers say you can attempt them when you’ve worked up the required core, shoulder, and wrist strength.