The Flash Has A Confirmed Release Date

In an announcement recently by Warner Brothers, we have finally been given a change in the release date for the much anticipated The Flash stand-alone film.  The new release date is that of July 1, 2022.  The film was originally being touted by Marvel, way back in October 2014, as having a solid scheduled date of March 16, 2018.

As many may realize, the date fell through, and the film has experienced delay after delay in beginning production.  The most significant obstacle has been that of finding a director to attach to the project, due to clashes over creative differences.

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Image: Screen Rant

The actor that has portrayed the big-screen version of The Flash, Ezra Miller, has represented the character in three different outings in the DCEU so far. However, up to this point, a solo outing, which has been promised, has remained just out of his grasp.

However, Miller can smile, as it seems that the 2022 date is one that is being said to be set in stone.  Although it is true that the date is some time away, the new powers that be at DC films have held firm to their principle of not giving a film a release date unless they are committed to standing by it.

Although the project could very well tumble back into what many terms as development hell, this most recent announcement seems to present more hope for fans that they will get their Flash stand-alone.

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Image: SyFy Wire

Add in the fact that the team that is now associated with the film’s production are no strangers to troubled productions, and you can see just how close the film is to reality.

With all this added together, and resilient support of DC fans everywhere, it is easy to believe that The Flash will finally be speeding his way to theater screens everywhere sooner, rather than later.