The First Twins From The American Girl Brand Live in 1990s Seattle

American Girl dolls have been a beloved staple in the toy industry since their debut in 1986. American Girl has always strived to provide young girls with relatable and educational stories, from historical dolls representing different periods to modern-day characters. In 2022, American Girl was introducing its first-ever twin characters, living in 1990s Seattle.

The new American Girl twins, Maya and Zoe, are passionate about music and fashion and are navigating the challenges of being teenagers in the 1990s. Maya is a talented singer and guitarist, while Zoe is a fashion designer in the making. They share a love for grunge music, thrift store finds, and a desire to express themselves creatively.


The 1990s were a decade of transformation in American culture, with the rise of grunge music and alternative fashion. American Girl’s decision to set its new characters in this period allows young girls to explore a unique era and learn about the cultural and social changes.

Maya and Zoe’s story is a tribute to the individuality and creativity of the 1990s. The twins embrace their unique style and interests, from their eclectic fashion choices to their love of indie music. American Girl hopes that Maya and Zoe’s story will inspire young girls to embrace individuality and explore their passions.


Including diverse characters is crucial in promoting acceptance and understanding of different cultures and experiences. The American Girl brand has always been committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity, and Maya and Zoe are no exception. Maya is African American, while Zoe is Asian American.

In conclusion, American Girl’s new twin characters, Maya and Zoe, are a celebration of the creativity, individuality, and diversity of the 1990s. Their story is a tribute to a unique era in American culture. American Girl hopes that their message of acceptance and inclusivity will inspire young girls to embrace their individuality and explore their passions.