The Exact Amount OF Halloween Candy You Can Eat Before It’s Lethal

Every one of us loves to eat Halloween candies as we love, but it is tough to control them to eat just one or two. As we all know, consuming more sugar is not suitable for our health, but it has to be managed on how much you can eat daily.

Whitney Linsenmeyer, the spokesperson for the academy of nutrition and dietetics, says, “Halloween is not the day to be counting how many grams of sugar you ate.”

She continues, “I am less concerned about one single day of the year or demonizing one holiday where we know that we probably exceed the daily recommendations for added sugar.”

The fact is that Americans consume 22 teaspoons of sugar on an average, equal to 350 extra calories. The American Heart Association recommends a maximum of nine teaspoons per day for men and six teaspoons per day for women.

This sugar can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and dental cavities.

What Can Happen If You Overeat Halloween Candy?

Eating more Halloween candy is fine, but there is a point where too much can be poisonous. The American Chemical Society’s reactions show released a YouTube video titled “How Much Candy Can Kill You?” in 2016, revealing that lethal dosage to be 262 pieces of fun-sized Halloween candy or 1627 pieces of candy corn when consumed all at once.

Some of the research says consuming more Halloween Candy, most people would not immediately die. They would be likely to get hyperglycemia when blood sugar is elevated or start vomiting.

The video does not aim to show that sweets can kill but to make people pass through the evaluation of the hazards and risks of the chemical.

Halloween candies are supposed to be enjoyed during the party festivities. Enjoying a little too much isn’t much to worry about unless it does not harm your body.