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The Day Of The Sloth

There seems to be an official day for everything, and today is no different.  In case you didn’t know, today is International Sloth Day.

No, we do not mean as in those individuals who are the epitome of laziness (although I am sure they either have their own day or soon will!).  No, today is dedicated to those cute, bug-eyed, little balls of slow-moving fur.

However, to truly appreciate what it means to be a sloth, there are a few things you need to know.  Now, don’t rush your way through this—in fact, take it at a sloths speed if you wish.  After all, the sloths would not want you to overexert and possibly injure yourself.

They Host Creepy Crawlies

The fur of the sloth is long in length, as well as quite course.  As a result, it is made up of a massive amount of grooves and cracks.

This makes for a delightfully cozy home for such creepy crawlies as beetles and moths, as well as various fungi—even cockroaches.  May I pause to say EWWW!!

It has also been discovered that sloth fur plays host to a very beneficial type of algae, which gives them a green tinge making it the perfect camouflage for blending into the overhead canopy of trees.

Image: YouTube

They Really Catch Some Zzzz’s

National Geographic reports that sloths can, and do, sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day.  Talk about easy Sunday mornings!

During the few hours they are not sleeping, they are often known to sleep in the trees, motionless.

In a nutshell, they get as little done when they are awake as when they are sleep.

They Define The Meaning Of Slow

Turtles may be the slowest reptile on Earth, but the title in the mammal world for slowness is held by—you got it—the sloth.

The reason is that although they may eat and nibble during all their waking hours, it takes them days to digest the smallest amount of food intake.

This means they have an exceptionally slow metabolism, meaning that they must conserve as much energy as possible—at any, and all, costs.