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The Curious World Of Strange and Possibly Illegal Celebrity Pets

Steven Tyler’s Raccoon

If there’s one animal you likely never expected to become someone’s pet, it’s a raccoon. Raccoons are one of the most annoying animals living in cities and suburbs — they eat trash, attack pets, and can roam neighborhoods in “gangs” together. 

But none of that seems to bother Steven Tyler. The Aerosmith frontman actually has a pet raccoon. His raccoon, Bandit, has been living with Tyler for years now. And this isn’t the first pet raccoon he’s owned. Tyler always takes the stage wearing a necklace that features four raccoon teeth, all taken from a previous raccoon of his.

While it’s pretty common for rock-n-roll legends to own some wild, exotic pets, a raccoon is truly unusual. And weirdly, Steven Tyler’s raccoon sounds pretty chill. According to a story he told David Letterman, Tyler’s raccoon sits on the music icon’s should, loves to go fishing, and can even be litter box trained.