“The Brady Bunch” Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary With The Ultimate Set

“The Brady Bunch,” one of the most iconic sitcoms of a crowded family of three boys and three girls, has remained with a firm grip on pop culture over these many decades. You know the story, of course, of a lovely lady (Florence Henderson) and her three gorgeous daughters (Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, and Susan Olsen), as well as a man named Brady (Robert Reed) and his three sons (Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland). And since there was already a show called “My Three Sons,” the man and woman got together and became The Brady Bunch. Don’t forget their maid Alice (Ann B. Davis).

Whether you’re old enough to have seen the show as it aired, recall watching reruns on Nick at Nite, or have never seen the show before for whatever reason, you can catch up on all things Brady Bunch with the show’s 50th anniversary boxed set. The Brady Bunch 50th Anniversary TV & Movie Collection contains everything: all episodes of the series, the TV specials, the spin-offs, the 1990s theatrical revival and plenty more. Paramount is selling the set for a bargain of $68.99 on Amazon.

Get the full details on the set below:

  • The Brady Bunch: The Complete Series

    • Commentary by Sherwood Schwartz in “The Honeymoon”
    • Commentary by Barry Williams, Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen in “A-Camping We Will Go” and “The Hero”
    • The Brady Bunch — Coming Together Under One Roof
  • The Brady Kids: The Complete Animated Series: Follow all 22 episodes voiced by the original cast as the Brady kids and their pop group go on adventures with their friends, a magical bird, and two panda cubs.
    • Episodic Promos–The Bradys follows the trials and tribulations of the Brady kids, who are all grown and married with children.
  • The Brady Brides: Marcia (McCormick) and Jan (Plumb) get married to their significant others in a joint wedding and decide to buy a house together. However, Marcia’s husband Wally (Jerry Houser, “G.I. Joe”) and Jan’s husband Phillip (Ron Kuhlman, “Baywatch”) find it challenging to overlook each other’s differences.
  • A Very Brady Christmas: Starring the original cast, the entire Brady family gets together for the holidays, but must overcome their personal obstacles and keep up the Christmas spirit.
  • The Brady Bunch in the White House: When the President is impeached after a scandal, Mike (Cole) is made president with Carol (Long) serving as his vice president. Together, the new First Family must prove they can save the world when a gigantic asteroid is headed for Earth.
  • The Brady Bunch Movie: In an attempt to save the family’s home from being taken away by a real estate developer (Michael McKean, Better Call Saul), the Brady kids join the “Search for the Stars” contest and perform to win $20,000. Starring Shelley Long (Cheers), Gary Cole (Veep), Christine Taylor (Zoolander), Christopher Daniel Barnes (The Little Mermaid), Jennifer Elise Cox (Web Therapy), Paul Sutera, Olivia Hack (Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie) and Jesse Lee Soffer (Chicago P.D).
  • A Very Brady Sequel: The Bradys are in for a surprise when a man (Tim Matheson, Animal House) shows up at their door claiming to be Carol’s long-lost first husband. His plans start to unravel when the Brady kids stumble upon his true intentions.
  • Growing Up Brady: Based on the book co-written by Barry Williams and starring Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory), Adam Brody (The O.C.) and Rebeccah Bush (Frasier), Growing Up Brady goes behind-the-scenes to give viewers a look at the original television series.

The Brady Bunch 50th Anniversary TV & Movie Collection is now available for purchase.