The Best U.S. States For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that “The Walking Dead” films would be released in theaters. Despite sinking ratings, AMC’s zombie franchise is chugging along, and also planning on a third series. What if the zombie apocalypse really happened? Where’s the safest place to live, if you’re in the United States? 

According to, the safest places to live include: California, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, and Kansas. These were all considered “Zone 1” areas, which meant you have a decent chance of survival, if you were smart. “Zone 4” states would be the worst, and included states like Maine, Rhode Island, and Nevada. 

The states were ranked based on factors like agriculture, weapon availability, solar energy, and climate. California would be a top spot because the weather is nice all-year around, allowing for good crop growth, while they’ve also invested well in solar energy. On another list of best states, Montana came in #1. It has lots of open space, so you can move and keep clear of areas with zombies. The big cities are also fairly far apart, so you wouldn’t need to freak out about huge hordes of zombies clumped together. There’s also lots of food, assuming you know how to hunt, fish, and grow crops. 

Whatever state you live in, what are some good survival tips? First off, zombies might not be your biggest concern. When society collapses, you’ll have to be intentional about gathering medical supplies, food, and water, all while watching out for other survivors just as desperate as you are. As shows like “The Walking Dead” have shown, other people are often the real enemy. You should still be very cautious about the undead, though, of course, and choose weapons that are light and effective. A machete might be your best bet, because unlike a gun, it doesn’t run out of ammo. It’s also fairly lightweight and you can swiftly slice a zombie’s head off before it gets a chance to lunge at you.