The Best Treadmill Workout According To A Celebrity Trainer

Harley Pasternak is a personal trainer for many celebrities, including Ariana Grande, Lizzo, and Jessica Simpson.

On Instagram, the trainer shared some tips on how to work out on a treadmill intelligently, providing you with some information you will want to remember.

Pasternak performs a variety of movements on a treadmill in socks – things he said he was only doing to “show exaggeration in the different positions.”

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Through various texts, Pasternak suggested walking on your toes to strengthen your calves, lateral shuffles to work your abductors, walking backward to improve your balance, and walking uphill to strengthen your glutes.

A celebrity trainer offers these tips for an intelligent treadmill workout.

Walk Or Run On Your Toes

Pasternak says, “Many people run flat-footed. It is a very inefficient way to run, and it puts more stress on the hips and the lower back.”

He explains that running on the toes allows the lower legs to absorb the shock for the rest of the body and optimizes the kinetic chain.

Shuffle Your Feet Laterally

You move forward and backward most of the time rather than side to side in everyday life or during your workouts.

Pasternak says, “People spend so much time moving forward and back that they neglect lateral movements. Doing lateral movements on the treadmill, such as lateral shuffles, engages your abductors and adductors.”

Walk Uphill

Pasternak advises adding some incline to your treadmill workout so that you can walk uphill.

He says, “Walking uphill engages hamstrings and glutes more than walking flat. It also is a great way to reduce the impact on your joints if you are running.”

Walk Uphill Backward

Pasternak suggests walking backward uphill if you want a real challenge.

He says, “Start with an incline of four or five degrees and increase it over time to seven or eight degrees. It is a great way to build VMO strength and isolate your quadriceps.” &

Pasternak recommends avoiding common mistakes when using a treadmill for an intelligent workout.

Seeing people holding on to the treadmill handrail while walking on an inclined plane is one of his pet peeves.

Pasternak’s moves will give you a change of pace next time you step on the treadmill, whether you are pushing yourself or just looking to try something new.