The Best Time Of Day To Shower

The newest debate between night owls and early birds doesn’t center around bedtime but rather around the best time of the day to take that shower.  When do you find that you fall in the spectrum—showering in the morning or showering before turning in for the night?

When asked this question, everyone seems to have their own preference, and their feelings on that preference are very strong.

Many stated that they found that showering at night allowed them to benefit from a more restful night’s sleep.  On the other hand, those who prefer to shower in the morning state that it provides them the benefit of waking up and moving into their day easier.

Experts seem to think that personal preference may lie in whether or not you are a morning person to being with.

Image: The Independent

If you find that you are one of those who need that extra few moments of sleep in the morning, you may not time for a morning shower in your routine.  On the flip side, if you have difficulty falling asleep at night, a shower just before bedtime may be what is needed to help the process along.

With this all said, science seems to fall on the side of those who prefer to shower at night.  This choice appears to be for two main reasons: you are cleaning your body, and it aids in the overall process of falling asleep quicker.

Those who find they suffer from allergies, in particular, find it more beneficial to shower at night.  This showering time allows them to wash away any of the day’s allergens from their body and hair, which could otherwise disrupt your sleep.

Finally, research has shown that a nighttime shower will affect your circadian rhythm—in a good way.  When choosing to shower before bedtime, the water temperature will work to change your body’s temperature, which will help you fall asleep easier.