The Best Place To Raise Children Is On A Farm

Anyone who has been raised on a farm will tell you that it is a rough way of life.  Taking care of the various animals and livestock can be hard on your body, and not to mention your social life.  And, to be honest, not many who are farmers are known to come out of the experience unscathed in some manner.  But that is what makes it the best environment for raising children.

Okay, I know what you are thinking, but hear me out.  I will give you several good reasons that you should sell the home in the city, pack up the family, and start your own little farm in the country.

If You Can Catch A Goat—You Can Do Anything

In today’s ever-growing and changing world, confidence is still a very highly prized and vital life skill.  To that extent, anyone who has grown up on or lives on a farm will agree that once you have caught an over-determined goat, or coaxed and highly reluctant pig, your confidence will grow.

Image: PIGS Animal Sanctuary

Your Children Will Grow Into Humble Adults

Yes, confidence in life is indeed essential, but another is humility.  And, as many farmers can tell you, farm animals are masters at bringing us down a peg or two.  Among those animals are horses, who, by their very existence, remind us on a daily basis just how much we have left to learn in life.

The Perfect Work Out

Children who grow up on farms are some of the most physically fit out there.  Physical labor is inherent in farm work, as the chores may involve stacking hay bales,  chopping firewood, or chasing down a not so accommodating animal.  It is pretty much a sure fact that those computer time problems that plague most other children will never be a worry for those children living on a farm.

Image: Dissolve