The Best Abs Workout If You Don’t Have Time

How about an exercise that revs up your abs game like a triple Americano boosts your productivity?

Russian twists might do the trick.

The Russian twist consists of leaning back, lifting your legs off the floor, and twisting your torso from side to side.

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A NASM-certified personal trainer, Peter Donoho, says, “The Russian twist targets all the muscles in your core, making it a great abs exercise when you’re tight on time.”

Amanda Hudock says you can lose the integrity of a movement by speeding through reps or throwing large amounts of weight. It is essential to prioritize your reps to prevent injury and become stronger.

How To Do Russian Twists

Straighten your legs while sitting on the floor

Engage your core by bracing your abdominal wall and slightly bending your torso and legs.

Keep your legs stationary and do a torso rotation while balancing here. Move slowly and breathe deeply. Keep your core engaged when fatigue sets in.

Pro Tip: Moving slowly is essential for protecting your lower back, Hudock explains. Rotate your obliques, upper back, and shoulders at the same time.

Advantages Of Russian Twists

Russian twists strengthen your core, back, and obliques.

Donohoe says, “It’s a total core exercise that works your balance, builds stability in your spine, and trims your mid-section.”

Include The Russian Twist In Your Workout

It’s safe to include this move in your routine two to three times a week, but bump it up to four times a week if your workout involves rotational strength (like golf or kickboxing).

Almost any abs circuit can be made using the Russian twist, but Donohoe prefers pairing it with a chest press or single-arm dumbbell row.

Safety Tips To Avoid Injury

Hudock recommends looking for and avoiding stress on the low back during this move.

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The Russian twist may not be for everyone. Hudock says pregnant and postpartum women should avoid them.

She says, “There are a lot of amazing core strengthening exercises for women who just have given birth and are trying to rehab from that.”

Russian twists are an excellent way to add challenge to your core workout. Keep it slow, and consult a trainer if you need help with your form.