The Benefits Of Potassium-Rich Foods For Women

Over half of Americans live with at least one cardiovascular disease risk. Keep your heart healthy by lowering those risk factors through your diet. Potassium is one new nutrient that may improve heart health.

Women need to consume more potassium. Here’s how potassium may help balance your nutrition if you’re concerned about high blood pressure or health risks.

Potassium May Reduce Salt Intake

The goal is usually to reduce salt intake. In 2022, researchers examined women’s potassium-rich diets’ impact on heart health, specifically blood pressure levels.

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The researchers found that women’s blood pressure decreased when they consumed more potassium. They discovered that potassium and blood pressure only positively correlated with women who consumed high sodium intake.

Heart Health Benefits From Potassium?

Getting more potassium might be the key to better heart health and lower blood pressure. It’s a little more complicated than that, but it may benefit women who worry about high blood pressure as a risk factor for heart disease.

Women saw an 11 percent decrease in risk, while men saw a 7 percent reduction. Women concerned about their cardiovascular health may benefit from plenty of potassium, but the effects vary.

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What Can Women Do To Benefit From Potassium?

Potassium is an excellent addition to your nutrition when considering your overall diet. Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RDN, CPT, states that potassium is a nutrient of public health concern in the US. Electrolytes are essential in maintaining proper balance in your body to keep your system running smoothly.

Shaw said, “Those who eat a well-balanced, variety-filled diet can certainly meet their nutrient needs for potassium without popping a supplement.”

Ensure that you consume the recommended amount of potassium by making potassium a part of your diet. It is recommended that adult women aged 19 and older consume 2,600 mg of calcium each day. It is best to eat potassium-rich foods rather than take dietary supplements.