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The 95-Year-Old Spent Her Birthday Jumping Out Of An Airplane

Marge Wardenski, a 94-year-old woman from New Jersey, decided to celebrate her 95th birthday with adventurous activity. She opted to go skydiving, leaping 14,000 feet in the air. Accompanied by her 36-year-old granddaughter, Marge bravely embarked on the skydiving experience in Hawaii.

Chelsea Rorer, her granddaughter, said, “People are just amazed. They say they want to be like her when they grow up and also say she’s nuts.”

The news of Wardenski’s daring adventure has stirred a strong reaction among her neighbors in Holiday City. In this retirement community, she has resided for the past 18 years since relocating from Lacey.


She said, “They think I’m crazy. Live your life. Don’t be afraid.”

During her 64-year marriage to her late husband, Walter Wardenski, Marge’s daring nature was discouraged, possibly due to Walter’s harrowing experiences as a tank and fuel-truck driver in the European theater during World War II. However, after Walter passed away at 90 in 2012, Marge embarked on a series of bold adventures. She tried hang-gliding, hot-air ballooning, and ziplining. This was Marge’s third time skydiving, having previously jumped at 85 and 90.

She said, “My husband always said, ‘No, you can’t do things like that. He died, and I did it.”

Getting Over Fear

Although Marge refers to herself as a “couch potato,” it seems that may not be entirely accurate, according to Rorer. Marge is an active participant in bocce and bingo games in Holiday City. Her good genes also play a significant role, as she takes only one medication for her thyroid.

Marge laughed, “I eat the wrong things and don’t exercise. Similarly, Marge’s skydiving experience has been in tandem. Fortunately, this time was a much more positive experience for her than her previous tandem jumped five years ago. Last year, a woman from Sweden set the Guinness World Record for the oldest skydiver at 103 years old, although it was a tandem jump with a professional skydiver attached to her back.


Age Is Just A Number

Marge has already accomplished several daring feats, but what’s next on her bucket list? According to her son, Walter Wardenski Jr., he would love to see her try boat racing, which has been his hobby.

Marge is thinking about it. He said, “I’ve been doing daring things all my life, so I guess it’s her turn now.” Marge initially hesitated to share her adventures with the public, but there is an important message to be shared.