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The 20 Most Expensive Homes in the World for Sale

The premier real estate market didn’t exactly have the best year on record last year. Still, despite an inevitable worldwide pandemic continuing into its second year, things appear to be gradually improving.

As individuals slowly transitioned back to office jobs in 2021, Manhattan and other large cities recovered, making it one of the Big Apple’s finest years in luxury sales in well over ten years. Despite this, other pandemic patterns continued, such as the resurgence of private islands to capitalize on consumers’ need to have a paradise getaway in case of an upcoming tragedy.

The resurgence of international shopping is one of the critical developments to watch out for in the coming year. You can anticipate selling more multi-million dollar listings in big cities as travel becomes more prevalent. There is still a tonne of fantastic properties available. Here is our ranking of the 20 most expensive houses and big island homes for sale worldwide.