Tess Holliday Says Body Image Struggles Are ‘Almost Debilitating’

Tess Holliday speaks out about her struggles with body image.

Yesterday, she took to Instagram to tell her followers how she feels in her skin after revealing that she was diagnosed with anorexia.

Holliday posted pictures and videos from a recent family trip and wrote, “I’ll be honest, I’ve been dealing with body image that I’ve never dealt with before.”

She said that she is typical, “the kind of gal who always wants my photo taken,” the images she shared here were the first photos in a while in which she saw herself and was “kind.”

Holiday continued, “I’m working on it. Soaking up this family time and feeling grateful, even when it’s tough.”

Even though she struggles with her self-confidence, Holliday has long shut down those who shame her for her body.

She expressed her disappointment in tabloid pictures showing her eating at Disneyland multiple times, taken to Instagram last year.

She captioned the post, “I went to Disneyland with my family this week. In the 10 hours I was there, I walked MILES, went on rides, and ate some great food.”

After discovering that her body was named one of the “worst” bikini bodies in Hollywood last year, she ripped into the tabloids on Instagram.

Holiday wrote, “Lol, I have voted the worst beach body this year, and it makes me mad because it is 2021, and we are still publishing trash like this?!!!”