Target Unveils Disney Princess Dinnerware Sets

Attention Disney lovers! Anyone who ever wished to be like a Disney princess is about to get a step closer to that dream today, because there are now entire dinnerware collections dedicated to individual Disney princess. Home goods retailer Target recently announced that they are selling full sixteen piece dinner sets all based on different Disney princesses.

The full dinner set includes four full place settings with a mug, bowl, dessert plate, and dinner plate for each, so it’s the perfect setting for a family of four or a fun night of dress up with friends. These Disney princess dishes are on the elegant side though. Each dish has gold detailing on it in the shape of the recognizable princess castles, os you can easily tell which set goes with which princess.

Target has already provided explanations for the less obvious color choices. Disney’s Belle is clearly yellow due to her iconic yellow dress from the film, and Cinderella’s set is blue, similar to the dress debate from her own story, mermaid Ariel gets a turquoise set, similar to her mermaid tail, and Aladdin’s Jasmine has a purple inspired set.


These dishes are also available in a rather ornate dark box with gold stars and other detailing around it, as well as the Disney Princess logo and images of the four completed dinnerware sets inside the box. These dishes, while elegant, do have a bit of upkeep as well. None of the set from the mugs to the plates are microwave or dishwasher safe, although they are ceramic.

Currently, the entire set is available from Target for a cool $99 for the box. A small price to pay for the nostalgia of being a Disney princess. Plus, it gives you a good excuse to have a real-life tea party!