Taco Bell To Enter The Fried Chicken Wars

The times they are a-changing, and nothing is more of an indication than the changes at some of our favorite fast-food chains.  Just last year, tacos and fried chicken were not something that was heard in the same sentence but you need to prepare yourself because the phrase will soon be commonplace.

Known for decades as the go-to source for Mexican cravings, fast food retailer Taco Bell is dipping its toes, as it were, into a new arena and is planning on the offering of fried chicken on its menu.  The chain is currently testing out is Crispy Tortilla Chicken in both Houston, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.  The two cities are serving as test marketing areas before the new menu item is officially rolled out nationwide.

According to a spokesman at Taco Bell, the new Crispy Chicken Tortilla was not an overnight achievement.  It was reported to have been quite the process, with an estimated 100 variations attempted before landing on the version they are currently testing and plan to market in 2020.

Image: Today Show

As for the new menu item itself, it is said to feature all-white-meat chicken, that’s completely marinated in a buttermilk and jalapeno marinade and then rolled in a coating of tortilla chips.  Customers will have a choice of ordering the tasty new item separately, or they can purchase it inside of their choice of soft or hard taco.

The Crispy Chicken Tortilla will come with a side of Taco Bell’s other newest addition, that of their Creamy Chili Pepper Sauce.  The cost is being reported as being 1.99 for a taco, $2.99 for two pieces of the chicken, $3.99 for three pieces, and will also be made available in both of their $5 and $7 boxes.

Taco Bell has plans in the new year to add even more innovative new offerings to its menu. With their recent massive success with their Nacho Fries this past year, they feel the only way to go is up.  With their competitors introducing new menu items, and their subsequent success, Taco Bell feels they need to add new and tantalizing choices as well.