Tackling That Everyday Household Mess

In between work, kids, and all the other things you’re in charge of in your household – where the heck do you find time to clean the house? It’s like a never ending task that no matter what you do, it’s all going to be messy again about 10 minutes later. Hopefully with these basic tips, you will find a few ways to help that tower of dishes, laundry and toys in (ahh!!) become easier to tackle.

Don’t Wait! Get it Done

Yes I know, this one seems like a joke like “yea, ok I’m really going to be able to wash the dishes when the kids are screaming, the dogs freaking out and the sauce is about to boil over” but it’s not that bad! When you’re done with one pot or utensil instantly rinse it and either stick it in the dishwasher or if it’s a not-so-easy clean fill that sucker up with some water and let it soak. This will absolutely save you some time when you come back later to clean it, trust me! The same can be done with anything in your household: throw up on a shirt? Put it instantly in the washer and once it’s full turn that puppy on and done! Notice some dirty “muck” on the table or hair from your animal on the furniture? Have a “designated” paper towel out that you can quickly grab and wipe it down. No, this isn’t necessarily a deep clean, but it will save you some stress in constantly looking at the mess and thinking “when am I going to find time to make this look presentable?”

Ask For Help

This may be something you’ve already done (like a million times) but it’s never too early to have the kiddos help with putting their dishes up or toys away. Even the husband or s/o should be making it a routine to “put it away when you’re done”. This should be a life motto shouldn’t it? If you’re anything like me, you just do it because it’s better to get it done then have to ask and wait for them to do it. This isn’t always the best way, especially if you’re stretched thin with a million other things on your plate. Ask for help, make it a routine in the household and relax! It takes the whole household to dirty it up so it should to get it clean too, right?