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Sweet Memories Are Made Of These

Nothing screams nostalgia more than fond memories of our favorite candies from our childhood.  We all had that one special sweet that to this day the very thought of, brings a smile to our face.


This very popular candy arrived on the scene in the early 80’s and by 1985 received the prestigious status of “Candy of the Year”.  Utilizing a variety of flavors, coupled with an unusual texture, they were beloved by many.

Image: Salt Strong

Hubba Bubba

In 1979, Wrigley introduced us to an addictive pink confection known as Hubba Bubba.  A decade later Wrigley upped the stakes with the debut of Hubba Bubba tape.  Bubblegum has not been the same since.

Wonder Ball

Nestle introduced us to this candy that was famous for its milk chocolate coating with a hollow inside.  Until 1997, the inside would contain toy prizes, but when it was determined that the toys posed a choking hazard, they were no longer included.

Image: Amazon

Caramel Apple Lollipops

In 1995 the Tootsie Roll company tickled our taste buds with their Caramel Apple Lollipops and continue to do so today.  After the success of these pieces of nirvana on a stick, the company added a Dairy Queen inspired Blizzard flavor to the lineup.

Fruit Stripe Gum

Although this sweet confection was developed in the 1960’s, it experienced a resurgence in popularity in the 1990’s.  With its variety of flavors coupled with vibrant packaging, what was not to love about this delicious chewing gum sensation.

Image: Jefferson General Store

Candy Cigarettes

Although still highly controversial, these gems have been around for decades.  When they originally hit the shelves, they were packaged to resemble the real thing.  However, in recent years, due to the war on tobacco, the candy cigarettes had to repackage the product and rebrand it.  But, in the end, they still taste just as delicous as always.

A lot of the candies we remember from our childhood, surprisingly, can still be found on the shelves of stores today.  With their ability to illicit sweet memories just by their taste, they remain even more enjoyable than ever.