Summer Bod Challenge

It’s about that time again. We’ve successfully made it through winter and summer is amongst us, but where did they time go? All that holiday eating and cold nights staying in, eating chinese food and pizza has your body not looking the best. The time has come and you better crack down if you want that “summer bod” you’ve been thinking about all winter long! So, let’s get down to it and make a game plan that will at least help move you in the right direction of not being scared to put that bathing suit on.

Eating Habits

Basic Weight Loss 101 here – we need to cut back on the fast food and eat better! I know, pizza is WAY better than a salad but unless you’re lucky, all that pizza is what got you here in the first place. It’s time to eat more veggies, fruits and less fatty foods because not only with this help you move towards the summer bod, but you will also FEEL better. What more could you ask for? This may be a hard adjustment for some, so start gradually changing your habits. Maybe make it a during the week, you eat healthy and the weekend you can have a cheat day (or two). This way it won’t seem so daunting and impossible!

Workout Routine

Come on, you knew this one was coming! You can’t expect to see a body change with just eating better (again unless you’re a lucky one!). You need to do some sort of exercise. Whether that’s just a brisk walk every day or full on going to the gym and working out for an hour. If you’re in a time crunch – which you are since summer is almost here – then cardio would be your best bet. Get to running, cycling, even swimming is a great workout to burn some calories! It’s time to go full force on this one to see results, so be prepared to get sweaty!

If you’re serious about getting the body you want for summer, it’s ideal to start ASAP and make a gameplan for eating and working out. Although they may seem like easy feats, they really are lifestyle changes so may not be as easy as you think! Gradually work towards making the gym a routine and substituting the fast food for a healthier alternative and you will surely see some results you’ll be happy with!