Study Says A Stubborn Child Is A Successful Adult

We all have or know of someone else who has a stubborn child.  In the past, parents have been quick to discipline stubborn behavior; however, as it may turn out, stubborn children may prove to be more prosperous and more successful in their adult lives.

This news should help to relieve the worries of many a parent.

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Data obtained from recent research indicates that it may be in the child’s best interest for parents to spend the time needed to understand and support their somewhat strong-willed child, rather than working so hard to discourage their stubborn behavior.

Granted, this may bring on a few more “arguments” or trying moments with our little ones as they are growing, but in the long run, studies show that it will pay off.  The end result of staying patient and understanding will result in a well developed, strong-willed, and successful adult.

Almost since the beginning of time, young ones have been belting out the dreaded “no” phrase.  Psychology has found that this an essential and vital step in the healthy development of every child, as well as the development process of their individuation.

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A recent psychological study has shown that those children that present as stubborn are more likely to grow up and become more successful and more prosperous than their peers.

The study also showed that those individuals who were classified as rule-breakers, as well as being defiant of parental authority in fact ended up being the best non-cognitive predictor of financial achievement when the children grew into adults.

It all boils down to the fact that stubborn children were driven by their goals and desires to succeed more than those of their peers around them.  As a result, they were able to achieve more in the adult years.

If you find that your child is not afraid to go against and break ground rules, and is more than willing to enter into an argument with you, then chances are your little one has big things in store for them, as well as much future success.