Study Proves That An Old Wives Tale May Not Be Such A Tale—We Do Become Our Mother

Okay, so maybe this isn’t all that new of news—and they certainly didn’t need to spend the time and money to prove it.  Most any woman who is 30 years old or older will pretty much admit that they are indeed turning into their mother.

Yes, we are talking about that old adage that we have heard pretty much all our lives—eventually, everyone will turn into their mother.  I know I have heard this all my life, and am pretty sure it has been around since the time of the cavemen.

I know as a daughter myself, it is not that there is anything wrong with my mother, I merely suffer from something akin to denying the fact that I would actually be just like her.

Image: 30 Seconds

As it turns out, in a study conducted by Julian De Silva, and UK plastic surgeon, whether we like it or not, there is something to what many just brush off as an old wives tale.  In fact, through his study, he determined that women usually start turning into their mothers at the age of 33.  Keep in mind, this study was conducted in the UK only.

To gather his data, De Silva examined an average of women who had their first child.  Facts showed that the currently the age is that of 30 years-old.  To further gather data, De Silva questioned 2000 participants on subjects including starting families to even their own relationships with their parents.

When analyzed the data showed that of those who participated in the study, most of the women stated they feel they stopped “rebelling” against their mothers around the average age of 33 years old.  The study even showed, in a step further, that those same participants stated they felt that they had also started acting like their moms around that very same as age well.

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So, why did this change actually come about?  Parenthood.  Many of the participants found that their shift in behavior came about when they were mom’s themselves.  Showing that many new mothers will begin to emulate and “become” their mothers at this time.