Strawberry Cheesecake is Pillsbury’s New Limited Edition Flavor

The people have spoken, and Pillsbury has delivered. Pillsbury recently announced their newest limited edition flavor of ready to bake cookies and it’s strawberry cheesecake! The popular baking company put out a poll for customers to vote on a flavor they wanted to see on grocery store shelves next, and strawberry cheesecake was the winner.

Most the Pillsbury ready to bake cookies come in packages with 24 pre-cut chunks of cookie dough, and all you have to do is pull them apart and bake them. However, some flavors of Pillsbury cookies are larger than others but come in the same packaging and make about 12 cookies. The Strawberry Cheesecake flavor will be a 12 cookie batch, and they will retail at five dollars for two whole packages.


The new flavor is a cheesecake sugar cookie with strawberry flavored bits sprinkled throughout it, so consumers are guaranteed to get some fruit flavor in every bite. So far, the new flavor has been popping up on social media channels as people have come across it in supermarkets across the country. Right now, it’s currently in Hy-Vee, which is a Midwestern grocery chain, Target, Walmart and Kroger. Fans can also purchase this flavor online at

It’s not clear how long this new flavor will be available, although it was chosen by devoted Facebook fans through a poll, so chances are the limited edition flavor will stick around for a while due to popular demand. According to Pillsbury, fans chose this flavor with a 67 percent over the other choices, which haven’t been made public.


According to consumers, these cookies taste like strawberry gooeyness wrapped in a soft sugar cookie, but without the graham cracker shell of a cheesecake. The texture is almost pudding-like and delicious. The release comes just weeks after other new flavors came out for the holidays, although these cookies would be a good choice for Valentine’s Day!