Feel Good

Strangers Give Mom and Kids Concert Tickets After Terrible Mixup

Heather Hobbs and her two kids were practically in tears when they realized they wouldn’t be able to attend a concert they had been looking forward to for months. But tears turned to smiles when a group of women offered them their tickets as a gift.


It all started several months back when Hobbs bought tickets on StubHub for her and her twins, Rhett and Riley, to see the a cappella group Penatonix at the Walmart AMP in Arkansas, a more than three-hour drive from their home in Kansas City.

“The twins were so excited,” recalls Hobbs. “We listened to Pentatonix for two hours in the car on the way down so we were ready.”

But when they arrived, the box office informed them that the tickets were actually for a different event in Dallas, Texas on a different day. The venue offered replacement tickets, but not at a price Hobbs could afford.

As the tearful trio walked back to their car, a woman approached and asked what was wrong. Hobbs explained the story, and upon hearing it, the woman and her two friends gave away their tickets to Hobbs and her kids.


“They said that it didn’t mean that much to them, they landed a groupon, and they’d rather us have them,” Hobbs shared in a Facebook post. “We all cried and we all hugged each other. They walked away and we were able to attend the concert.”

The three enjoyed the concert all while thinking about the strangers who had given up their tickets. Hobbs is hoping to find out their names so she can contact them and find a way to thank them for their selfless deed.

“There is STILL kindness in the world,” says Hobbs. “I hope they know they made the night of a little boy and girl who were utterly heartbroken.”