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Stinky Feet? Use This Easy DIY Spray!

It’s like stinky feet and summer go hand in hand. If you’re a true sneaker wearer, even on the hottest days, then you know how fast your shoes can clear the room when removed! Sometimes the deodorizer at the stores just don’t work and it’s a waste to even try, but not this homemade spray. It uses the best/strongest products to really get down in there and get rid of the odor, guaranteed! Your family/friends will definitely be thanking you.

What you need:

27oz Spray Bottle

Witch Hazel

Distilled Water

Essential Oils – Peppermint, Melaleuca, Eucalyptus, and Thyme

First, you will take your spray bottle and fill halfway with the witch hazel (unscented). Next, take your distilled water and fill it almost the rest of the way but not completely full. You still will be adding essential oils and need room for the sprayer! For the essential oils part you will need to add – 6 drops of the peppermint, 4 drops of the melaleuca, 2 of eucalyptus, and 1 of thyme. Mix the bottle well before use.

Women’s Running

That’s it! You can use the spray before putting your shoes on. Be sure to spray into the toe part of the shoe as that’s where a lot of germs are and allow to dry before putting them on. For the really stinky ones, you can spray and place in a baggie to let sit overnight to knock out the smell! Hopefully, this will be a new staple whenever needed to avoid some stinky embarrassments.