Still No Official Word Of A Joker Sequel

With the massive $1 billion worldwide box office take generated by the Joker movie, a sequel is almost inevitable.

However, the word from the film directors camp is that Todd Phillips has still not approached or even talked to Joaquin Phoenix, the actor who portrayed the titular character, about a possible sequel.

Joker, as it turned out, ended up being a much bigger hit than anyone connected to its production ever expected.

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Add to that the fact that many are speculating that Phoenix may very well be headed for an Oscar nomination for his role as Arthur Fleck, a man dealing with his own demons.

In the beginning, many were shocked upon the announcement that Todd Phillips would be the director.  DC and Warner Brothers must have seen something in Phillips, making him their choice, as he had up to Joker been known for the comedy franchise of The Hangover.

Phillips must have really impressed the executives, as the studio chose to take a chance on him and his somewhat dark vision of the character.  It was that very darkness that led to the MPAA to give the movie an R-rating—the first of its type for a DC movie.

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The darkness that Phoenix channeled for his character, Arthur Fleck, was both vivid and disturbing, which was the very foundation that the R-rating was based on.  Phoenix was superb in his portrayal of Fleck as a mentally disturbed individual in the early days of coming into what would become one of Gotham City’s supervillains.

So, as of this writing, Phoenix has not discussed a return for a Joker sequel, and a sequel has as of yet not been officially announced.

There is the fact that there an existing “mandate” that any ideas or concepts for a sequel must first meet Phillips and Phoenix’s artistic approval.

This may be the very reason that an official announcement has yet to be made.