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Step Aside Ugly Christmas Sweater—There’s A New Style In Town

For years, the ugly Christmas sweater has been all the rage.  What started out as just something to have fun with and laugh about quickly became a very serious holiday tradition.  Now it seems that the time-honored tradition is going to have to step aside and make room for a new fashion—the ugly Halloween sweater.

An online website has recently launched its take on the ugly Christmas sweater—only Halloween themed  They state that they promise it is not a trick, but very much a treat.  They offer a variety of seven sweaters ranging from happy jack-o-lanterns to dancing skeletons, to one that features a skeletons ribs.  The designs are on the front and back of the sweater, and the website boasts that the prices are very reasonable.

Image: Living Rich With Coupons

The creators of these newest additions to holiday fashion state if you find yourself at a loss for a Halloween costume this year, we got you covered.  The hideous sweaters will more than fit the need and the budget for a spooktacular celebration.  They are great for those attending office parties, as they can be a last minute choice allowing you to boogie down and party in style.

Image: theuglysweatershop

There are sure to be some who just do not see the need for yet another ugly sweater trend.  If you remember, when the ugly Christmas sweater trend first began, most thought it was going to be a short-lived idea.  Here we are years later, and it seems that the fashion statement for the holidays is still going strong.

Who’s to say if the newest choice in ugly sweaters will take hold and if it will last as long as its predecessor.  Either way, for what it is worth, I think the sweaters are adorable, and I could very well see me wearing one come this Halloween season.