Health Hacks

Stay Away From These Surprisingly Sneaky Processed Foods

Eating a healthy, balanced diet seems simple enough, but nutritional sabotage could be hiding in your most coveted meals and snacks. Processed foods are lurking everywhere, and it can be difficult to keep them out of your fridge and pantry without doing a little research.

These three common foods may be unhealthier than you thought. You should avoid these processed snacks for a healthier mind and body!

Microwavable Popcorn Isn’t A Harmless Indulgence

As long as you forgo excessive butter and salt, microwaveable popcorn seems like a relatively healthy snack—but it’s not.

Chemicals like perfluoroalkyl can be found inside the microwaveable bag, and these chemicals have been proven to lead to kidney issues and even affect the quality of a man’s semen. Think before you pop!

Ketchup Is A Killer Condiment

Although using a little ketchup to up the flavor on a burger is no big deal, eating this condiment in excess is literally overloading your body with sugar.

Most of the calories in ketchup come from sugar, making it a bad move when trying to improve your diet and cut back on the sweet stuff. Try to skimp on this sugary spread whenever you can!

Cereal Bars Are Seriously Deceiving

Granola bars are coveted in the health food world, but one look at the nutritional facts will have you running in the opposite direction. They may be packed with grains and fruits, but they are also filled with added sugars.

One look at the nutritional contents will have you reaching for a dictionary, and a long list of unheard of ingredients is doing your body no justice! The sugar content of these bars won’t keep you full for long, and you will be more likely reaching for more sugar-loaded snacks.

It’s best to leave these on the shelf and opt for something healthier, like fruit.