Stay-At-Home Mom Alexa PenaVega Fights For Their Rights

Alexa PenaVega supports parents who stay at home.

The Spy Kids actress — who had her 1-year-old Rio on her hip — posted a TikTok on Friday stating, “I don’t want to hear a woman say, ‘I am just a stay-at-home mom.'”

She described her day as a stay-at-home mom with three kids with her husband, Carlos PenaVega.

Carlos explains, “This one is losing her mind, and she’s screaming, so I had to pick her up,” PenaVega said of her daughter Rio before moving on to a clip of her 5-year-old son Ocean.”

She is also cooking lunches for her husband and breakfasts for her children during all of this.

She said, “I’m trying not to burn the food or my child. Plus the laundry list of everything else I have to do today.”

PenaVega’s followers echoed her sentiments in the comments section.

In a Mother’s Day post featuring a throwback photo, PenaVega honored her mother, who often shares details of her family life on social media.

PenaVega began the post, “Here is my mama. I don’t have many photos as we often don’t get to see each other. Our relationship hasn’t always been the easiest to navigate. Being a mom has given me a new appreciation for our relationship and softened my heart in hard areas.”

She posted a second photo honoring Mother’s Day, writing, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the warrior mamas! What a gift to be a mom! Our families need our strength, love, wisdom, and patience. what important roles we get to play in raising them!”