Starbucks Set To Bring Back PSL

For coffee drinkers, autumn is the most magical time of the year.  Not only for the crisp evenings and cool temps but because it is when they can once again enjoy a warm Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

As a means of connecting with those truly dedicated fans of the PSL, Starbucks has gone so far as to create a closed group on Facebook, aimed at all things autumn and pumpkin spice.  Fans of The Leaf Rakers Society are buzzing about the news of the upcoming release.

Image: Flavor 574

One member posted “I’m just sitting here waiting for the PSL/PSF and Pumpkin Scone to arrive…is it here yet?”

Although Starbucks has yet to announce an official release date, speculation seems to indicate that the day may very well be that of August 28th, 2018.  This has been reported by Business Insider, who claims to have gotten hold of some internal company documents that stated this as the release date.

Traditionally, the much-loved flavor was usually rolled out on Labor Day, with one release date as early as August 26th back in 2014.  On last years September 1st release, Starbucks offered a four-day live stream celebration of the event on the social media platform of Facebook.  This allowed all the PSL fans to interact and share their love of the flavor, as well as give Starbucks a boost in their advertising.


Spurring the already feverish pitch is rumors that many locations have already begin to receive their shipments of the coffee flavored syrup.

“We just got it,” posted a user who shared a photo of the bottle in a thread on Reddit.

New York locations of Starbucks have stated they expect to be receiving their shipments no later than early September.

Until then, if you are in need of a “fix”, Starbucks offers pumpkin spice cookie straws and pumpkin spice flavored coffee K Cups at grocery stores nationwide.