Starbucks Introduces Grinch Frappuccino

Seasonal holiday drinks at popular coffee chain Starbucks are back and that includes the items on the secret menu. Just in the time for the holidays, Starbucks is offering its extensive list of drinks, from peppermint mochas to Christmas tree inspired drinks.

Most people are also aware that Starbucks has a secret drink menu, which is usually filled with elaborate and colorful coffee concoctions. However, it’s also a good idea to understand the recipe for the drink you want on the secret menu, as most baristas don’t know every single Starbucks drink off the top of their heads.

This year, Starbucks lovers can get a Grinch Frappuccino, which is a mostly green colored drink based on the title character from the beloved Christmas film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” The drink is available in all sizes and is best served in a clear cup in order to get the full effect of the green color.


The Grinch Frappuccino can easily be ordered at any Starbucks location, provided you bring the recipe. When you order, ask for a vanilla bean frappuccino, with matcha powder blended into it so that the drink gets its signature green Grinch color.

Then, simply top the drink with plenty of white whipped cream and add some more green matcha powder for even more green color. Customers can also choose to ask for red sprinkled instead of green matcha, in order to get the full effect of having red and green colors in the Grinch drink.

The final step is adding two dried strawberries on top fo the whipped cream, to symbolize the Grinch letting his heart grow three sizes just like in the movie. The Grinch goes from an uncaring character with a small heart to a very giving character with a large heart that grows three sizes.

The regular Starbucks prices and sizes apply. Also, customers can ask for a green matcha frappuccino instead of a vanilla bean based on their own flavor profiles.