Starbucks Debuts Apple Flavors Frappuccinos in Japan

With a drop in the warm temperatures and autumn leaves changing all around, it’s clear that fall is finally upon us. This change in season also means that coffee giant Starbucks is introducing new drinks for fall. This year, the hot new items include the apple flavor, which is traditionally a seasonal flavor for fall.

However, Starbucks lovers will only be able to indulge in these apple inspired drinks if they live in Japan. The Starbucks all across the asian nation recently announced that they would have a Green Apple Jelly Frappuccino and a Baked Apple Frappuccino has their fall flavors, which will be available for the next few months.

The Baked Apple Frappuccino will have a pink color and be topped with bits of apple on top of the whipped cream. The drink is “cute and colorful with bright red crunchy apple bits interspersed with a smattering of cinnamon cookie pieces” to give it that apple flavor. Reviews of the drink have been mostly positive, with many comparing it to apple pie. This flavor is also available as a Baked Apple Iced Tea, although the flavor is more subtle according to consumers.


The Green Apple Jelly Frappuccino is a green colored drink, which like green Granny Smith apples, have a more tart and bittersweet taste than red apples. The drink has “green apple candy bits sprinkled into the whipped cream topping” as well as apple chunks inside. This drink is also available as an iced tea, although reviews of that are more mixed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that both of these new fall flavors will only be available in the tall size and there is no date listed for when these drinks will no longer be available in Japan, or if they will be going to any other countries.