Starbucks Announces New Tiramisu Frappuccino – But Only in Japan

Another day, another Starbucks drink. One of the great things about Starbucks coffee is just how versatile each individual coffee and tea drink can be. Adding shots, whipped cream, toppings and more can take a coffee from straight black to an elegant dessert. Now, the popular coffee chain is introducing another new specialty drink, and this one is based on a beloved dessert.

Starbucks has announced plans to introduce a Tiramisu Frappuccino to their ever-expanding drink list, with one exception.  The new tiramisu drink will only be available for Starbucks customers in Japan. Also, customers will have to act fast, since the Tiramisu Frappuccino will only be available until April 10.

The Triamisu Frappuccino consists of a real tiramisu that can be drunk through a straw. There is a sponge cake in the bottom which is soaked through with coffee to intensify the flavor. A frappuccino base is added with mascarpone cheese, egg and a custard. On top, a large dollop of whipped cream is added, and then topped with dark chocolate powder. The drink even comes with an extra wide straw to make sure you can savor every last taste of this yummy drink.


The Tiramisu Frappuccino costs about $5.29 for a tall size, which is 590 yen in Japan. This classic flavor has also been offered by Starbucks in Japan before. In 2013, the coffee chain offered a cream cheese mousse topping with chocolate powder on drinks. The tiramisu frappuccino also made its way across the ocean to United States stores back in 2015, so it’s possible that drink could expand overseas.

Starbucks tends to introduce certain flavor drinks in the areas in which they will be the most profitable or popular, and then expand the drinks to other markets as desired. Tiramisu is typically a layered dessert consisting of a creamy, expresso layer cake with whipped cream and chocolate.