Star Trek 4 May Not Be Dead In Space

Word out of tinsel town is that Paramount Pictures is looking at the possibility of restarting Star Trek 4.  Many feel that it has taken on a now or never feel with the original cast seeming to be going their separate career ways.

Noah Hawley, known for Legion and Fargo, is reportedly in final negotiations to both write and direct the sequel, with J.J. Abrams Bad Robot production being involved as well once again.

Image: SyFy Wire

There has been no current information forthcoming on the possible plot.  Although it is expected that this sequel will take on a different overall feel, under Hawley, then it had in the first three entries under the team of Abrams and Justin Lin.

Rumors were at one time swirling like Tasmanian devils that there was a possibility that Pine would not be returning to the titular role of his iconic character James T Kirk.  However, he, along with Quinto (Spock), Saldana (Uhura), Pegg (Scotty), Urban (McCoy), and Cho (Sulu), are all expected to be on the bridge.  Tragically, Yelchin (Chekov) will not be returning due to his untimely passing in 2016.

The return of the full cast is only a speculation and expectation at this time, as no official word has been released that any of them have signed on for the sequel.  Also of note is that the production is in the earliest stages of development, and a lot can happen to the production between now and when (or if) it hits the theatrical screen.

Image: Inverse

The most recent confirmation is not the first attempt by Paramount to get Star Trek 4 launched, as it were.  There has been a long list of problems, starting with the breaking down in contract negotiations with both Chris’s—Pine and Hemsworth.

Since first signing onto the franchise, both actor’s careers have taken a significant jump.  And, as such, they each feel they should receive a more substantial salary.

Add in the additional fact that Urban has signed onto the new hit The Boys, and Saldana is locked in for however many Avatar’s there are to come, and you quickly see that the prospect of a fourth Star Trek movie, with the entire original cast, is becoming more and more of a long shot each and every passing moment.