Stan Lees Actual Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed

On Monday, November 12th, 2018 reports stated that comic book great Stan Lee had passed away.  Fans worldwide mourned his passing, and many realized that the world would be a little less bright without his shining influence.

As with any public figures passing, the rumors and speculations around the cause of Lee’s death began to swirl and take form.  Everyone had their own theory, and each considered their own the most probable.  For weeks, the world was left to only speculate on the true facts.  That is until now.

Image: Variety

There had been rumors flying before his passing that Lee had been a victim of elder abuse and had also fallen victim to a bad case of pneumonia.  This had put him in the news a lot before his passing, however not in the way in which those who loved and respected would have wanted.  When he passed a couple of weeks ago, Lee was 95 years of age.

Many of the stars and people that knew Lee through their shared associations with Marvel and DC had made tributes to Lee, in their own way.  Some by way of taking out page spreads in magazines, such as the original six Avengers stars did in The Hollywood Reporter.  To the musical tribute that Chadwick Bosman, of Black Panther fame, did for Lee on Twitter.

Image: The Independent

Lee’s cause of death has now been announced, and it wasn’t really what fans or acquaintances had expected.  The Hollywood Reporter (by way of CBR) stated that Lee passed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Hospital due to heart and respiratory failure.  According to reports, a few days before his passing, Lee was still struggling with a bad case of aspiration pneumonia but was alert and positive.  Also indicated on Lee’s death certificate is that he had been cremated, and his ashes handed over to his daughter, Joan Celia Lee.

Stan Lee was a man loved and respected by many, and will have an everlasting legacy in the hearts of his fans, geek and alike, worldwide.  Rest In Peace sweet Stan—you will be remembered.