Spawn Has Joker To Thank

After the massive box office success of Joker, it seems that the much talked about R-rated Spawn reboot may actually make it to the big screen.

With a year and a half having passed since Blumhouse Productions and Todd McFarlane struck their deal, many were wondering if the reboot would, in fact, ever see the light of day.  For one reason or another, the fans were no closer to seeing McFarlane’s vision on the big screen.

However, that has now changed, and all those involved have the success of Joker to thank for that.

In a recent interview, McFarlane commented on the status of his somewhat languishing movie:

“It’s interesting cause the Marvel movies, the MCU, has been doing quite well, and those are PG-13 movies.  But since Joker came out, it proves what I’ve been saying for over two years—R-movies can succeed.”

Image: Dead Entertainment

McFarland went on to say that since the massive success of Joker, he has been inundated with phone calls from those individuals in Hollywood who are interested in his dark, R-rated version of Spawn.  He says that Joker did him a solid favor!

Joker has undeniably done better than anyone could have guessed.  To date, it has grossed a record-breaking $856 million worldwide, and that number keeps rising.

Joker has all but cemented its place in cinema history as the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time.  Not too bad, considering that Warner Brothers had little if any confidence in the project from day one.

McFarlane not only penned the new Spawn movie but has every intention of directing the film as well.  However, it seems that raising funds for the required budget for the project has been more than a little problematic.

That is until Joker made history.  Now the offers and opportunities are opening up, as is the probable future of the reboot getting made.