Southwest Airlines Announces Peanuts Tin for Purchase

Peanuts have long been the staple snack for many airlines across the country. Peanuts are a portion of healthy, compact and delicious food which can be seasoned to include many different flavors as well.

However, peanut allergies became very prevalent in recent years, and it was decided that peanuts would no longer be a mandatory airline snack. For a while, some airlines would still stock them and interested customers could ask for peanuts, but they were not distributed freely like before. In 2018, peanuts were removed from planes for good, amid more rising concerns and incidents involving nut allergies.

The change from having peanuts as an official airline snack to their removal has long been a controversial issue for people. Peanuts were a staple on airplanes are decades, and then removed almost overnight. Southwest airlines is looking to change that.


Southwest Airlines is giving its customers the chance to but this once free airline snack in their official online store. Customers can go to the website and buy either lightly salted or honey-roasted peanuts.  The peanuts are available in two 10-ounce bags, one lightly salted and one honey-roasted, inside a retro Southwest tin lunchbox.

The lunchbox is a tin square, with the lightly salted peanuts having a blue cover with the Southwest Airlines logo and information, and the honey roasted peanuts tin having a yellow background with the logo and information. Both bags of peanut are in sealed in individual plastic bags as well, inside each tin lunchbox.

Each lunchbox filled with delicious peanuts is available for just $29 from the Southwest Airlines online store. The lunchbox is also completely reusable. In addition to actual peanuts, the online store also sells peanut inspired products, like a peanut makeup case, peanut pillows, and even a peanut burning cloth for the tiny travelers.