SoulCycle Pays Peloton Riders To Return To The Studio

Things are spiraling out of control. Since the pandemic struck, many indoor enthusiasts stopped going to venues like SoulCycle and FlyWheel (created by a third SoulCycle founder, who left early on to talk about drama). They replaced them with a Peloton, a popular at-home bike system.

Even though the treadmill was recalled, the company’s bikes remain popular, and its virtual trainers have become household names. No matter how bad their commercials are or how many fictional characters keep dying on the bike, SoulCycle cannot compete with Peloton at home bikes.

With a push to get people back into IRL classes (outdoor SoulCycle has been around for a while, and the studios have opened with new safety precautions, but crowds don’t seem to be returning), the O.G boutique cycling company is bribing Pelotonians to trade in their bikes for free classes

I must disclose that I once worked at the Santa Monica location for a brief period. We would appreciate it if you would raise your hand if you need help clipping the shoes into the pedals.

The CEO of People, Evelyn Webster, said in an interview, “Riding in a studio adds an intoxicating energy to our workout routines, and we missed it during the pandemic.” Well, okay.

For the first 100 Peloton members who register between July 27 and August 3, the company is offering 47 free classes. People describe this campaign as “edgy,” I would describe it as “you’re gonna get a good workout, and you’re gonna get exposed to Covid.”