Sony Developing Wearable Air Conditioner

As we enter the spring season, the weather is becoming more unpredictable, and people are dealing with the uncomfortable feeling of sweating through their clothing. Going from outside in the heat to inside with air conditioning feels like walking into a freezer. Now, one company is trying to fix this common problem by allowing people to take air conditioning with them when they leave the house.

Sony is currently crowdfunding the Reon Pocket, a totally “wearable air conditioner” that actually slips into the back of a T-shirt and keeps the body cool. The device is about the size of a smartphone and is completely battery powered. According to Engadget, “the device is capable of lowering one’s temperature by 23 degrees Fahrenheit or raising it by 14 degrees.”

Another great feature about this wearable air conditioner is that it makes no noise at all. The device works through something known as the Peltier effect to silently produce heat or cooling via electrical currents. Right now, the crowdfunding campaign has raised over 600,000 dollars.


The first wearable air conditioner will be available in March 2020, although at first, the new device will only be available in Japan. It is expected to be available in the United States and other countries as time goes on.  In addition, the retail price of this wearable air conditioner will be one hundred and fifteen dollars.

This wearable air conditioner also fits easily under jackets, sweaters and suits, so it can be worn without being detected or bulging out from underneath clothes. The best part is that the air conditioner is controlled via bluetooth, so the temperature can be controlled and changed through a smartphone.

Currently, the battery life is around two hours, so it’s not ideal for wearing all day long. The battery is completely rechargeable. the wearable air conditioner is rather small and thin, not even the size of a smartphone.