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Solder Surprise Sister At College Graduation After Deployment

A surprise of a lifetime was in store for LaDyra Lyte at her college graduation ceremony.

At Central Michigan University’s commencement ceremony Saturday, Lyte, 23, walked to the stage when she heard the university’s president read a letter from her brother, LaDaryl Lyte. The latter has been serving overseas for nearly one year.


LaDaryl wrote, “She will do amazing things in her life, and I am proud of her, the way she is gracious, the way she is superlative. The best in the world with an innate ability to move forward.”

The letter was read when LaDaryl Lyte, 22, walked out behind his sister and delivered a huge surprise.

LaDyra Lyte said, “Good Morning America, “For a moment, I thought I was dreaming. I just felt just really overwhelmed, in a good way.”

Lyte told “GMA” by email that he missed his sister’s high school graduation in 2017 but would not miss her college graduation.

LaDaryl Lyte said he offered to stand in the back of graduation if it was sold out after the Army approved his leave.

The university president told him that not only could he attend, but he would be part of the graduation as well, which became a surprise.

He said, “They had me show up to the graduation two hours early so they could hide me upstairs so my family wouldn’t see me.”

According to LaDaryl Lyte, it was like seeing a ghost when his sister saw him.

He said, “I got like 10-feet away from my sister, and I heard my family start screaming, and then the whole crowd started screaming and clapping.”


LaDaryl Lite surprised his sister and their dad, who ran down from the stands to embrace his son.

LaDyra Lyte said, “My dad doesn’t run anymore. He has bad knees, adding to their dad’s sight running down. I couldn’t believe it.”

Only the siblings’ older sister and their mom, Alisha Lyte, who was surprised by her son two days before their graduation, knew about the surprise.