Social Media Images Are Too ‘Unrealistic’ For Cavallari’s Daughter

Kristin Cavallari’s concern is that children today will grow up in a world of electronic media.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire’s She Pivots podcast, the Laguna Beach alum talked about her three children with ex-husband Jay Cutler. Her daughter James, 6, is particularly vulnerable to unrealistic body expectations from social media images, and she worries that her kids will be subject to them.

According to Cavallari, she was “scary skinny” at one time but didn’t know it. She added, “I don’t think it’s healthy or attractive to be super thin, and I have a daughter.”

There is a lot of pressure on young women and girls now, as they look to Hollywood and celebrities for models and how they should look.

Cavallari says, There are all these apps now. You can change your face, your body. Nothing is natural that we see on the internet. And I think it’s important to remind these young kids that you can’t. You’re chasing something unrealistic.”

She explained, “I have a daughter, and I think it’s difficult now for everybody, especially girls growing up and looking at social media. This idea of body image is just so warped.”

In an Instagram post earlier this summer, Cavallari discussed how she was seeking assistance from a personal trainer to gain muscle weight after getting too thin due to stress.

Cavallari shared in her post, “I am 35 and a mother to three kids. That doesn’t mean I can’t show off my body and be proud of it. I’ve gained a lot of muscle weight. I work hard on my body and I think that’s something to celebrate, not to be ashamed of.”