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Soak In Wine, Coffee, And Tea At The Yunessun Spa Resort

Do you love wine or coffee so much you wish you could take a bath in it? At The Yunessun Spa Resort in Japan, your wish can be granted! This hot spring theme park features traditional spa therapy and baths, but also totally unique experiences where guests can relax in wine, green tea, sake, and coffee.  

When you visit Hakone, Japan, you’ll find yourself in a mountain town famous for its hot spring resorts, which are known as “onsen.” Traditionally, onsen is the scene for “hadaka no tsukiai,” which translates to “naked socializing.” Like Europe, public nudity in a spa setting is nothing unusual, and many spas will require guests to disrobe.  Yunessun, however, is divided into two parts. The Mori NO YU zone requires nudity, but the Yunessun Spa Resort calls for swimsuits. That’s where you’ll find the drink-themed baths.

The “onsen” experience is important in Japan

Let’s say you want to try out the wine bath first. The red liquid pours out of a bottle-shaped spout and at certain times, an attendant comes and conducts the wine-pouring ceremony. Expect to have wine poured over your head as well as in a drinking glass. Why bathe in wine? Yunessun says Cleopatra engaged in the practice and that red wine can help improve your circulation and reduce cellulite.  

At the coffee bath, it takes an entire sack of beans and a giant percolator to get the liquid ready. A hose fills the pool, scenting the air with the aroma of fresh espresso. Benefits supposedly include healthier skin and a reduction of fatigue. Caffeine does absorb through the skin, so that might explain the jolt of energy visitors often experience.

Photo from the Yunessun website – Spa visitors enjoy a coffee bath

The green tea bath, which is bright green, is said to detoxify and nurture the body. It’s also great for your skin, Yunessun says. People have bathed in different liquids for centuries for various reasons, but if you aren’t sold on the science, you can always hit up Rodeo Mountain. These fun water slides feature gorgeous views at the top. It’s a great option for kids who might get bored with the spa environment.