Skittles Releases 3 New Products For Summer

Skittles are one of the most colorful and tasty candy treats available on candy aisle shelves in stores across the United States. They are a sweet, chewy treat, but during the summer candy can result in a sticky mess. However, Skittles is introducing three new ways for people to enjoy their products while staying cool in the summer heat.

The original Skittles flavors are strawberry, green apple, orange, lemon, and grape, while the new summer versions will be a various group of flavors which is normal for Skittles seasonal products. Skittles has created freeze pops for the summer months, much like those ice pops you probably had as a kid.

These Skittles Freeze Pops will be available exclusively at Dollar General stores across the country. They will include flavors like blue raspberry, lemon, grape, orange, and strawberry, which are not traditional Skittles flavors, but they are well-known ice pop flavors. The freeze pops will be available in two-ounce packs, with singles of each flavor inside the packet.


In addition,  Skittles has also released Skittles Imposters and Skittles Sour Wild Berry. Skittles Imposters, a product available exclusively at Walmart, will include flavors like Alter Ego Orange, Cryptic Citrus, Sneaky Strawberry, Raspberry Ruse, and Undercover Apple. However, the colors on the outside will not match the flavors inside, so each bite or piece will be a complete surprise.

The Skittles Sour Wild Berry is a spin on the Wild Berry Skittles flavor. Anyone with a love for sour flavor should check these out. The sour flavors are Sour Melon Berry, Sour Berry Punch, Sour Wild Cherry, and Sour Raspberry flavors. Interested customers can pick these up at Dollar General stores, and they are available in twelve-ounce bags.

There is no official end date for these new summer treats from Skittles and no retail prices have been revealed for any of the new products.