Skittles Darkside Candies Have Returned To Stores

Skittles is one of the most popular candy choices in the world, and there are many different versions with plenty of versatile flavors. In 2019, Skittles is bringing back Skittles Darkside, which are a direct response to the bright and cheerful packaging and flavoring of original Skittles.

The catchphrase is “The Other Side of the Rainbow” and includes a new lineup of fruity flavors inside of the dark purple packaging. The candy will be available in individual packs and the 4-oz share size and 14-oz bags which are good for large parties.


According to the press release, this bag will include a Dark Berry, Black Cherry, Blood Orange, and Midnight Lime flavor. Rounding out the bag is a “Forbidden Fruit” flavor, which sounds mysterious and exciting. Skittles Darkside was first introduced to stores back in 2013, and was finally announced to return in January 2019.

These Skittles Darkside will be available at all major retailers like Target and Walmart, as well as candy aisles in grocery stores and convenience store shelves across the United States. It’s unclear if the Skittles Darkside will be available for a limited run or they will stay on store shelves for awhile.

Skittles are also a great candy choice for summer, as these sweet, hard candies do no melt easily and are packed with fruity flavor. There is currently no official retail price for the these Skittles Darkside, although in the past they have been priced just like regular Skittles, which is around $3.19 for a sharing size.


The concept of Darkside Skittles is dark,  the packaging is dark, and the flavors are dark, which is a direct opposition to the rainbow of the original Skittles. Even the flavors are more dark, as the dark berry flavor can be everything from blueberry to raspberry to blackberry or even a mix of some kind.