Skip These Five Beers—They Aren’t As Good As They Might Sound

Isn’t it peculiar how our taste buds work? One night, we prefer to slowly sip IPA with dinner; the next, we’re gulping cans of PBR before heading out with friends. With that being said, though, there are a few beers that just simply aren’t worth trying. If you’re really just out for the novelty, you might be curious enough to try these anyway, and in that case, good luck. Until then, though, these beers just aren’t all that they’re marketed up to be. Here’s a roundup of the top five that are worth a pass.

Nitro IPA by Guinness

If you really want an IPA, this won’t satisfy your craving for the taste of hops. As far as Guinness is concerned, just stick to their standby draft. Splash it with a dry cider if you want to liven things up, and look elsewhere for a satisfying IPA.


Wild Blue by Anheuser-Busch

Good if you’re looking for a quick fix of sweet and tart fruity flavor. Bad if you prefer to avoid hangovers—there’s plenty of sugar in this recipe, so too much is a bad thing.

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Scotch Ale by Samuel Adams

Sam Adams is responsible for classic standbys like Octoberfest and Boston Lager. Their Scotch Ale, though, isn’t among their best; its sweet and smoky flavors may only please certain palates.

Doing Beer Justice

Michelob Ultra

At only 95 calories a pop, this “superior light beer” is supposedly the intersection of health and booze. Take a pass and spend your money (and calories) on something with more flavor.


Shipyard Export Ale by Shipyard Brewing Company

Some drinkers report a sort of metallic taste in this recipe, and others simply state that there are better blonde ales out there.

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