“Skin Cycling”: Insights Into The Newest Skincare Trend

Skincare can be challenging.

There are so many beauty trends and product innovations to keep up with that even just maintaining your skin can be difficult.

Whitney Bowe, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, calls it “skin cycling.” Several dermatologists advise on social media.

Bowe evangelizes the benefits of skin cycling to her 366.8K followers, which resulted in many people trying out the technique for themselves and even taking notes to understand it better.

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Dr. Bowe herself gave us the scoop on skin cycling if you are new to the concept.

What Is Skin Cycling?

Dr. Bowe says skin cycling takes your nighttime skincare routine “to the next level” when you are strategic and deliberate about what products you use and when.

She says, “It is a simple but incredibly effective twist on skincare that has been hugely successful for my patients and thousands of my followers on social media.”

A typical four-night skin-cycling process looks like this:

1st Day: Exfoliation

2nd Day: Retinol

3rd & 4th Day: Recovery

Benefits Of Skin Cycling

Exfoliants and retinoids can be effectively used when you practice this without causing irritation

Dr. Bowe says, “Skin cycling will be most beneficial to those overwhelmed by the range of products out there and not sure where to start, or those already using great products but reaching a plateau.”

A skin cycle is beneficial for all skin types.

Dr. Bowe says, “You can make small tweaks based on your skin type and goals.”

For example, if you have sensitive or dry skin, you might consider using lower-grade retinol or acid or incorporating a third recovery night into your routine.

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Can Skin Cycling Be Done Quickly?

Dr. Bowe suggests that you will probably see skin changes after eight days, two complete cycles.

She says, “You can expect a more healthy glow and an overall radiance to your skin. The skin should look more hydrated overall and softer to the touch.”

You will notice a difference in your complexion as your skin cycle extends.