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Sister Siblings Make You Healthier And Better Adjusted

Growing up all siblings have their fights and spats, and never more often than between a boy and a girl.  There is just something about a brother and sister that leads to disagreements.  However, scientists have proven that if you have a sister sibling, older or younger, your life is not only more exciting but also much more healthy.

As any family can pretty much tell you, the advantages of having a sibling are that you are taught at an early age the value of love, friendship, and companionship.  You will grow up squabbling, fighting, understanding each other’s differences, and finally accepting those differences.  This, in turn, helps you to focus on the bond that you develop and share with your sibling.

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These areas of growth will more than help you later in life.  Having a sister growing up has shown in studies to help you better express yourself and communicate your problems to others more efficiently.  All of these factors add up to an individual that possesses a very positive mental health state.

The advantages for a boy growing up with a sister are the most noticeable.  You are turned more to the sensitive side, and you are much more proficient at communicating with those of the fairer sex.  As a by-product of having your sister in your life, you are more respectful of other women, you understand them better than most other men, and you are empathetic towards them.

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You share things with your siblings through your growing years, and you support one another.  You will squabble, fight, and argue, but when all is said and done,  at the end of the day you will always be there for each other no matter what.  And with a sister, that is even truer than with brothers, as a sister becomes the thread, in most cases, that holds the family together.

The next time you see your sister, give her a big hug and remember you are the person you are because you were blessed enough to have her in your life.